Low Energy House, France

Low Energy House, France

Designed for a retired couple, this property has been designed to support the client’s requirements for self-sufficiency.
The property has been orientated on the site to make the most of the south facing aspect and the views.  Balconies and roof overhangs have been calculated to prevent direct sunlight overheating the property in summer but to allow for a passive solar heating strategy with the lower sun angle in the winter months.  Internally, a massive concrete structure acts as a heat sink, storing heat during the day and releasing it again at night.
A heat recovery system helps to reduce the requirement for space heating which is via solar warm water collectors on the roof and underfloor heating.
Rainwater is collected in large underground tanks and supplies the washing machine, WC’s flushes and garden irrigation systems.
After two years on site, the clients are almost self sufficient in vegetables and fruit.
We have been fortunate to remain in contact with the clients and recieve regular positive feedback regarding the house.

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